We ask that you please contact us 24 hours in advance for medication requests. This allows the doctor time to authorize the refill and have it prepared and waiting for you.

In order to spend more time helping our clients, if you would like to order medications online, we are happy to write you a prescription to send to the pharmacy of your choice.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy

We ask that a minimum of 24 hour notice be given for all appointment cancellations, and a minimum of 48 hour notice be given for all surgery and dental cancellations. We understand that unexpected or unavoidable situations may occur resulting in cancellations. Please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment.

When you schedule an appointment and fail to show or call and notify us of your cancellation, it impacts our ability to service clients who may already be waiting to see a doctor. If you fail to show or call and notify us about difficulty in keeping your appointment time on two (2) or more occasions, you will be prohibited from scheduling an appointment with our medical team. We will still see your pet, but it will be on a walk in basis, following four subsequent no-shows for appointments. We recognize that your pet may need medical attention and we do not wish to turn your pet away, but you may be subject to wait times.

Please note that missing a surgery appointment, and/or two consecutive regular appointments, or frequent cancellations/schedule changes will result in prepayment of your exam.

Please understand that we have created this policy out of respect for these clients who are waiting to have their pets be seen, and thank you in advance for abiding by these policies.


In order to ensure our clients receive the best care and experience possible we do not offer military or senior discounts, or price match products. Instead we offer a loyalty rewards program through our app, available through both the Apple store and Google Play. We give a stamp for every $100 (per invoice) spent, and 16 stamps equals a $100 credit for the next visit!